Welcome! At Dermagnostix R&D we aim for...
…translational scientific solutions in dermatology.
…molecular support of diagnosing skin diseases.
…prediction of treatment response in inflammatory and malignant sin diseases.
…comprehensive pathways to the molecular diagnosis of infectious skin diseases.

Dermatology - a small discipline hits the big time


One third of the population worldwide suffers from at least one active skin condition.

Awakened from its sleeping beauty slumber

dermatology experienced a tremendous revolution.

Big data, AI and molecular biology have disrupted dermatology: Deep learning algorithms even surpassing experts in diagnosing skin cancer, the birth of tele-dermatology and a broad palette and even fuller pipeline of specific therapies are just some highlights.

However, only few patients

in dermatology benefit from this eagerly awaited revolution. Why?

A resounding success is hampered by …

... an insufficient antiquated classification of diseases not acknowledging heterogeneity and complexity of skin diseases.


… a lack of objective biomarkers for individual disease course, comorbidities, and prediction of response to therapy.

… missing concepts to broadly establish molecular diagnostics for all patients everywhere.

Dermagnostix R&D offers ...

... an excellent network for fast collaborative research projects with academia, biotech, or pharmaceutical industry to discover and validate novel relevant biomarkers.

….a constantly updated, comprehensive biomarker compendium tailored to the needs of dermatologists and pathologists.

…technical solutions to implement molecular diagnostics in dermatology via Dermagnostix.

PD Dr. med. Natalie Garzorz-Stark, PhD, MHBA 

CEO, Dermatologist

Prof. Dr. med. Kilian Eyerich, PhD


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Eyerich


Prof. Dr. med. Kristian Reich


Prof. Dr. med. Christoffer Gebhardt


Dr.-Ing. Katharina Dormanns

Microfluidics Engineer


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